Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Post 1: INTRO: Ambience, Jam, Elders, and London Calling

June-August 2015

                                          "Charlie Chaplin Walk. No Pedestrians". 
                                                          London, near Southbank.

This blog has been set up to record my journey to London to work with Entelechy participatory theatre company for two months, June-August 2015. I received funding for this journey from the Community Partnerships section of the Australia Council for the Arts.

Entelechy (http://www.entelechyarts.org) currently runs ongoing projects for groups of Elders (the 7 Ages Theatre Company, 21st Century Tea Dances, and a weekly gathering of artists and participants called 'Meet Me at the Albany'), as well as outreach programmes, trainings at Barbican learning lab, cross generational 'happenings' with Siobhan Davies Dance studios and 'Ambient Jam', a participatory sensory development and movement class for people with profound and complex disabilities.

Entelechy Staff: AD and head of the 7 Ages Theatre Project: David Slater. Creative Producer and head of Ambient Jam: Rebecca Swift. Director of Meet Me At the Albany: Dominic Campbell. Office manager: Lisa Brailsford. Entelechy Executive Director: Teresa Veith.  Elders' Flying and Falling theatre project co-directors: David Slater and Vicki Amedume.

The blog also includes ramblings through London, items on health, ageing, austerity and abundance, and theatre, dance and music reviews. Each entry is labelled according to subject interest.

Images from the 7 Ages, Meet Me.., Ambient Jam and 21st Century Tea Dances are courtesy of Entelechy. All other photos by the author, unless otherwise stated.

All text c. Z Soboslay 2015.

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